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News and Events, June-August 2014

Heather publishes three new sonnets in the Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal from her Alexandrines for Lorca series.

The Summer 2014 issue of Corium Magazine releases.

A stunning new review appears for This Time, While We're Awake at Grab the Lapels: "Heather Fowler’s 2013 collection is a tour de force of futurism with just enough familiarity to be chillingly compelling. It quite frankly exemplifies the best of dystopian fiction, a hip throwback to the classic spine-tingling genre popularized by giants like Bradbury. Though much dystopian literature has (in my humble opinion) lost its edgy creativity by becoming too mainstream, Fowler’s brand of sci-fi is pushing boundaries rather than daisies, making for an exciting and intelligent read." Drop in for the full text.

Also, a new review for Elegantly Naked In My Sexy Mental Illness releases at Open Salon. Mikel K. says, "Heather Fowler is an amazing talent. She is the best short story writer who I have come across since Thom Jones." Drop in here for the full review.

Stay tuned for the announcement of several Fall readings for Elegantly Naked. November 19th at UCSD looks certain.


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