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Suspended Heart: Stories - Collector’s Edition with Bonus Stories.  Pink Narcissus Press, May 2019. 2nd Edition. Expanded reprinted trade paperback and ebook. (First Edition: Aqueous Books. December 2010.) 

Beautiful Ape Girl Baby. Pink Narcissus Press. June 2016. Trade paperback and ebook. June 2016. 302 pages.  


Bare Bulbs Swinging by Meg Tuite, Michelle Reale, and Heather Fowler. Winner of the 2013 Twin Antlers Prize for Collaborative Poetry. Artistically Declined Press/Civil Coping Mechanisms Imprint. December 2014.  


Elegantly Naked in My Sexy Mental Illness: Stories, Hot Redhead Media. February 2020. Available in trade and e-book.  217 pages. (First edition: Queen’s Ferry Press. May of 2014. Illustrated by Pablo Vision.) 


This Time, While We’re Awake: Stories. Aqueous Books. May 2013. Available in trade paperback and Kindle. 328 pages.   


People with Holes: Stories, Pink Narcissus Press, July 2012. Available in trade paperback and Kindle. 262 pages. 



Suspended Heart: Stories - Collector’s Edition with Bonus Stories.  Read by author. Produced by Verity Audio Productions. Hot Redhead Media. Length: 8 hrs and 11 mins. Release date: 03-26-20.


Elegantly Naked in My Sexy Mental Illness: Stories. Read by author. Produced by Verity Audio Productions. Hot Redhead Media. March 2020. Length: 6 hrs and 43 mins. Release date: 03-26-20.


Beautiful Ape Girl Baby. Read by author. Produced by Verity Audio Productions. Hot Redhead Media. Length: 9 hrs and 51 mins. Release date: 04-15-20.


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Esto Perpetua." States of Terror: Volume Two anthology. Editors Matt Lewis and Keith McCleary. Ayahuasca Publishing. (October 2015)

"A Big Girl Has A Good Time with Small Men."  The Female Complaint. Editor Rosalie Morales Kearns. Shade Mountain Press. Forthcoming November 2015. REPRINT

“A Good Laugh.”  Night Train: The First Ten Years. Paperback anthology – February 12, 2014. REPRINT.

“Practice Baby.” Daughters of Icarus: New Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy. Pink Narcissus Press.  (March 2013)

"People With Holes." A cappella Zoo. Spring 2012. (March 2012)

"With the Silence of a Deer." Sententia 4: What She Said, The All Women Writers Issue. Eds. Paula Bomer, Amy King and Jen Michalski(March 2012)

' Eruptions." Stripped: A Collection of Anonymous Flash. Edited by Nicole Monaghan. PS Books. 2012

"Sight." Feminist Studies, issue on Feminist Histories and Institutional Practices. Fall 2011. Issue 37.3.

"Come, Come Blackbird." Rapunzel's Daughters. Ed. Rose Mambert. Pink Narcissus Press. July, 2011. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


"A & P, Come Again." Re-telling: An Anthology of Borrowed Premises, Stolen Settings, Purloined Plots and Appropriated Characters. Ampersand Books. (March 2011)


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"Bengal Tiger Boy." Back in 5 Minutes ~ an expression of depression volume 1. Little Episodes, London, UK. (February 2010, UK.).


"Catholic Girl Smile" (reprint) and "Words Like Love and Cacti." the stark electric space…an international anthology of indie writers: Graffiti Kolkata, India. (Winter 2010).


"You Are One Click Away From Pictures of Nude Girls." Surreal South 2009. Press 53. (October 2009)


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"Ex-Boyfriend's Head." Fix It Broken.  Issue 3.   Fashionable Fiction winner. T-Shirt designed by Ryan Bradley.  (July 2011)


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"Making Love to the Fruitshooter."  The Summerset Review. Summer 2011.    


"Crime 101."  Co-written with Meg Tuite, Sally Reno, and Ron D'Alena.  Meg Tuite's Exquisite Quartet series at Used Furniture Review.  June 2011.  


"Beachball, Kentucky."  Used Furniture Review.  (May 17, 2011)

"When Your Lover Is Crying."Night Train Magazine. Issue 11.1.  April 2011.

"You Remember, Jeanie Bean." The Barcelona Review. 15th Anniversary Issue 73. (Spring 2011)


"The Scene That You Come Upon Is Madness."  Kill Author.  Issue Twelve: The Janet Frame Issue. (April 2011)


"The Hiders." Linger Fiction. (April 2011). Featured Story.


"Jesus Doesn't Love You and Neither Do I."  Week of March 4th. 2011. Short Story America. Featured Author. (Note: Log in required, but free and easy to obtain)


 "Good Country. People." Necessary Fiction.  January 19, 2011.  First Footing Project.


"Suspended Heart."  JMWW.  Winter 2011.  (January 2011).


"On Kissing."  Wrong Tree Review. ( January 2011)


 "Love Affair with Comma."  The Northville Review.  December 2010.


 "A Baby Anyway."  Ducts. Issue 26.  Winter 2011


 "Some Naked Truth About Wanting."  LITSNACK.  10/30/2010.


 "A Companion to Minnow Lake."  Prick of the Spindle.  Issue 4.3. (Fall 2010) *Nominated for the storySouth Million Writers Award in 2010.


"Anatomy of a Song."  Up the Staircase.  Issue 9.  (Spring 2010)    *Nominated for Sundress Publications Best of the Net.


"The Rolling."  Dark Sky Magazine.  Video of Mel Bosworth reading this piece and the text.  (May 2010)


"Three Views You Might Have Taken At Pond's Edge—Or Quack"  Necessary Fiction (April 2010)


"Old Glamour Girl"  Big Toe Review.  (Winter 2010)  The Last Issue.


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 "Let Us Pretend."  Pank Magazine.  Issue 4.6. June 2009


"Beautiful Ape Girl Baby."  A Cappella Zoo.  Volume One.  REPRINT ONLINE: 


"A Good Laugh."  Night Train Magazine. Issue 9.1.   April 2009.


"Fear of Snakes.”  The Abacot Journal: an online magazine of weird fiction. Issue 6. Spring 2009.


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“Not a Creature Was Stirring.” Mindkites: Perceptions on the Fringe. Fall 1999 Issue. December (1999).  [no longer available online]


“Dead Mothers.” Zoetrope All-Story Extra 15. October (1999).



"She of the Throne," and "The Kills of Corrida de Toros." Night Train 2015.  Night Train Publications, Inc. . 2015. 60-63. 


"Sonnet of Where One Always Walks Alone."  Hermeneutic Chaos: Year One anthology. HERMENEUTIC CHAOS PRESS. Page 5.  October 2015. REPRINT.


"Sequestered Second Sister.” Thrush Poetry Journal: an Anthology of the first two years. REPRINT


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“A Cannibal’s Dialogue for One in a Red Salle de Bain.” Santa Clara Review. Issue 1. Volume 100. (Winter 2013): 41


"What Happens Next, Rewind the Tape," and "Man Woman Sparks (sonnet)." San Diego Poetry Annual 2011. 

"Dear, Dear" and "Snowed-in March Against the Beautiful Pain Memory Of Love." San Diego Poetry Annual 2009.


"The Eros Chimera," and "The R's Island, Plight of the Plover's Pantoum." San Diego Poetry Annual 2008.


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“Ravens in Mourning.” Used Furniture Review. Exquisite Duets series with Michelle Reale.  March 22, 2013.


"On Birds and Papers." narrative (dis)continuities: prose experiments by younger american writers anthology.  Moria Books. 2013 (e-book and trade paperback)

"One Crow Sorrow, Two Crows Joy." The Hollerbox. Issue 2. October 2012.

"Light Upon the Waters at Your Fee." The Crisis Chronicles. September 24, 2012. 

"In Defense of Releasing Turtles to the Wild." Jumping Blue Gods. 9/27/2012. [Journal closed, Editor deceased.]

"Fathers." UCity Review. June 2011 issue.


"The Love, Laughter, Cherish Crown." Featured Poem at the Nervous Breakdown. (Third week in January, 2011)


"I Am Not the Girl You Wanted." Flutter Poetry Journal. November 2010.


"The DoubleSide of Rained On Flowers, for Laura." riverbabble 17 Summer Bloomsday Issue (June 2010)


"A Woman In Her Bath." Featured Poem at The Nervous Breakdown. (First week of May, 2010).


“A Fragmentation of Verse." poeticdiversity. Volume 7. Number 3. (December 2009.)


“The To Women Ghazal” and “No. 14 (White and Greens in Blue)." Medulla Review. (Fall/November 2009).




"What A Man Will Say of Disposable Voyage Mermaids, When He Begins to Speak." MiPOesias. February 2011. Poem and audio file.


"Pawnshop Heart." In the Fray. February 2008. Poem and image.


"Independence." In the Fray. February 2008.


"A Long Time Coming, Love's Promise Poem." In the Fray. February 2008. Poem and audio file. "Pregnancy: Boy Child." Winner of a joint first place in the 2007 Faringdon Online Poetry Competition judged by C.C. Norris. REPRINTED: in the Crisis Chronicles Online Library, 10/23/08.


“The Bruise Pea” Empowerment4Women: the online magazine. Issue #21: November/December 2007.


“Twelve Princesses.” Empowerment4Women: the online magazine. Issue #21: November/December 2007.


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“How Munro Evades Classification as ‘Women's Fiction’ -- Literary Women, Take Note.”  Experimental Writing.  Guest Articles.  July 25, 2013.


“On the Necessity of Reclaiming the Private Life—Unplug at Will.”  Redroom Author Blog.  April 9, 2012.  (site closed, archive copy available)

“The Importance of Unplugging.” Reprint.  The Manifest-Station.  REPRINT June 23, 2014.


“A Plea for Artists to Be Activists for Women’s Rights: Don’t Explain.”  Redroom Author Blog.  April 30, 2012.  (site closed, archive copy available)


“The Literary Writer (Female) and Sex.”  Redroom Author Blog.  June 26, 2012.  (site closed, archive copy available)


“The Beautiful and Daunting Gift of Being Read.”  Redroom Author Blog.  April 22, 2012.  (site closed, archive copy available)


“The Life You Lie to Save May Be Your Own: On Becoming a Writer.”  Redroom Author Blog.  February 16, 2012.  (site closed, archive copy available).


"Self-Interview" The Nervous Breakdown. To accompany Poetry Feature. January 2011.


"Self-Interview" The Nervous Breakdown. To accompany Poetry Feature. May 2010


"Fictionaut Faves, 1/4." Fictionaut Blog Fictionaut Faves Series. January 2010.


"Writing Spaces: Heather Fowler." Fictionaut Blog Writing Spaces Series. September 2009.


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