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Best American Poetry Blog. "A Collaborative Interview About Collaborations: Heather Fowler in Conversation with Kristina Marie Darling [by Kristina Marie Darling]."  February 22, 2016.


Q & A. The Reading Life. May 29, 2014.


A Conversation with Heather Fowler. Necessary Fiction. June 4, 2013.


"Divining the Lasso of Truth: A Conversation with Author Heather Fowler and Visual Artist Elisa Lazo de Valdez," VIDA:Women in the Literary Arts HerKind blog. October 2012. 


"Writerly Wednesday: An Interview with Heather Fowler." Literary Lunes.  9/19/2012.


“The Slant Interview with Heather Fowler” at flash fiction chronicles. July 25, 2012.


Suspended Heart. Author Interview: January 2012 at The Short Review

"The Wild Heart of Heather Fowler" at The Nervous Breakdown. April 5, 2011.

"A Primal Cry Against the Monotony of Everyday Living" at the PLUMB blog. 4/19/2011.

"The Life of the Heart: A Conversation with Heather Fowler" at Used Furniture Review.

A 2-part interview at Fix It Broken: "Writing with Laughter" and "Writing with a Heartbeat"

LOVE: 5/24/2011

HUMOR: 5/26/2011

 "Self-Interview"  The Nervous Breakdown. To accompany Poetry Feature.  January 2011.

"Self-Interview" The Nervous Breakdown. To accompany Poetry Feature.  May 2010

"Fictionaut Faves, 1/4." Fictionaut Blog Fictionaut Faves Series.  January 2010.

Podcasts and Alternate Media Recordings Available Online:

KPBS Radio Midday Edition on September 25th, 2014, with Maureen Cavanaugh and San Diego City Librarian Jennifer Geran, about censorship and Banned Books week.  Recorded broadcast here:

January 2011  Ravi Mangla interviews Heather on her reading taste, and she provides a recommended reading list called "Timeless Books that Quietly Astound."  Drop in:

May 2010 podcast interview with Josephy Matheny at Cup of Nervous Breakdown, where Heather reads her censored story "Catholic Girl Smile" and chats magical realism, bad first novels and how she got a contract for publishing her first book Suspended Heart.

November 2009 podcast with Red River Writers, featuring Mike Marcellino, Terese Svoboda, poet, author of "Weapons Grade" & Heather Fowler, San Diego, CA writer of flash fiction,short stories, poetry, novels, plays.

June 2007 podcast featured Reader, TothWorld: The Paul A. Toth Podcast Readings, music, interviews and more from

novelist Paul A. Toth.  TothWorld #95, (June 2007)

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