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BAGB--Interview, Pre-Order, Film Adaptation, & Web Features start releasing May 1, 2016

BEAUTIFUL APE GIRL BABY, pre-order your copy now.


May 1st at Connotation Press, Heather is the Fiction Feature-- talking with Meg Tuite about the new book and magical realism, with added video from an AWP 2016 Magical Realism panel and an excerpt from the book. Stop here to read the interview and an excerpted chapter.

May 1st also opens a Goodreads Giveaway for 5 signed copies of the debut novel. Click for your chance to win.

Also, coming soon: Starting May 30th, the BEAUTIFUL APE GIRL BABY Grab the Lapels blog tour begins, two weeks before the official release date of June 15, 2016.

Monday, May 30th: Ever wonder how an author gets her book published? Heather visits Read Her Like An Open Book to talk about the long road to publishing Beautiful Ape Girl Baby, the novel’s origins, and when to follow your instincts in the book business.

Tuesday, May 31st: What exactly are authors thinking when they’re writing? At Lectito, you can read an excerpt of Beautiful Ape Girl Baby with footnotes from the author describing her frustrations, what she found funny, and some side tangents.

Wednesday, June 1st: Beautiful Ape Girl Baby develops into a different medium! At The Next Best Book Club blog, Heather describes what it was like watching a scene from her book be made into her short film!

Thursday, June 2nd: What do readers think of Beautiful Ape Girl Baby? Napoleon Split reviews the novel and interviews Heather Fowler.

Friday, June 3rd: TJ at My Book Strings wraps up the tour with a book review and interview. Interested in getting your hands on Beautiful Ape Girl Baby?

Stay tuned for the live reading schedule and announcements about the book trailer and independent film to be forthcoming.

Here's a shot of the April 10th shoot, featuring the talented actors Marjan Elliot (Starring as Beautiful), Jimmy Jones, III (as Vick) and Dumont Darsey (as Ed).

Enjoy the fine weather of this spring turning to summer. More to come!

Like Heather's Facebook author page or follow her Twitter for more frequent updates when the sun makes this blessed spring turn to a sweltering and Beautiful (Ape Girl Baby) summer. Novel drops June 15, 2016.

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