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Scents into Sound--a new perfumed opera, BLOOD. HUNGER. CHILD., uses science and art to convert frag

Jon Forshee, composer for my opera libretto BLOOD. HUNGER. CHILD., currently works to convert scent into sound with his recent compositional efforts. He shared his newest research with me last night (see the work station below)--the process of selecting scents to convert into musical frequencies via molecular structures. And for each character, a scent and sonorous identity...

If you look closely, you will see a lauryl aldehyde molecule there hiding on his table. These evoke fragances similar to lilacs or violets.

Excited to see how cerebral this project will be with the integration of art & science, fragrance essence and instrumentation--one into the other, no less--and soon, a new aria for the project will be fashioned, integrating a perfumed text with the perfumed score. If interested, look to hear more about this project and a projected staging in Winter 2016.

All warm regards,

Heather Fowler

BLOOD. HUNGER. CHILD. is a chamber opera with libretto in verse, converted from and loosely based upon a Heather Fowler short story set during the French Revolution, published in her 4th collection Elegantly Naked In My Sexy Mental Illness (Queen's Ferry Press, 2014).

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