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Poetry and Fiction Interviews + New Book Release

Drop in for an interview about Heather Fowler's poetic, released December 2014:

"I have involuntary rituals—such as writing my way through or out of painful situations and then often being terrified that I will need to re-traumatize myself again and again by publishing the very work for which I bled. If I have a lost muse, for example, it’s not possible to simply decide to rationally avoid using that muse. My mind rebels. My heart pushes through to the marrow of the terror—evokes and evokes and evokes, until it is done with a situation. The mind has little to no control when this may be." See more at Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal where Heather is featured on the Terspischore’s Atrium series, where the Hermeneutic Chaos editors find delight in the elfin task of confronting their contributing authors with some really tough questions.

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Also stop by for an in-depth discussion of Heather's newest fiction release Elegantly Naked In My Sexy Mental Illness at Bonnie ZoBell's West Coast Interview Series. Hear how the title of this book originated and more. A brief excerpt:

"At the time I decided on Elegantly Naked, I’d been toying with a book of stories in progress called LOVESHOCK, about counter-culture love and unusual encounters, and another collection tentatively titled Jesus Doesn’t Love You and Neither Do I, about religious faith, lost and found (and sometimes lost again). Often my collections have a theme that the stories selected for inclusion gather around. While LOVESHOCK had pieces that resonated with the fragility of human intimacy and the rupture of devastating emotional dependencies, coupled with coping mechanisms for life’s ennui, when I pulled this mental illness book together with stories about psychological trauma and response, it did not surprise me that vulnerability and nudity still ranked high in terms of having causal relationships to either a break in “normalcy” or a break in an abusive pattern. Elegantly came in due to the complexity of some stories displaying those who suffer from subtle disturbances and/or “pass” for normal until some pivotal moment when their interior fantasies or alternate worldview becomes immediately apparent and different." See more at West Coast Interviews.

For more new poetry--grab Heather's new collection written with Meg Tuite and Michelle Reale--read all about it on the Books page. :)

And have a lovely holiday!

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