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Heather Fowler is a magical realist, poet, screenwriter, and novelist, whose brand is Sexy Monsters, Killer Women. Of her work, the New York Times says she offers a "bright and affectionate vision of mystical worlds" and "great ideas and characters."

Fowler’s People with Holes was a finalist for the Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Award in Short Fiction. Her stories and poems have been published online and in print in the U.S., England, Australia, and India.  She is an avid podcaster on the craft of writing and recently completed a TFT Professional Program in Screenwriting at UC Los Angeles. She is co-CEO of Hot Redhead Media, a company that champions woman and diverse authors, and lives in San Diego with her kids and two ornery cats Poem Charlie and Rorschach. Lately, she's working on screenplays and novels. Drop her a line.



 In collaboration with the Phillips' The Prompt series, pairing fine art with literary work, Heather released a pair piece with Warhol's famous Saint Apollonia paintings  called "Andy Warhol Speaks to Saint Apollonia in his Upper Eastside Townhouse." Check out Phillips for the story or hear her read it below.

Fowler Warhol Saint Apollonia Story

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Heather Fowler's fourth collection of short fiction speaks to the language of need. Desperate, obsessive, and even demented need is voiced by characters ill or ill-advised. From modern to historical, cyber to stalker, explicit to tender, the relationships in Elegantly Naked in My Sexy Mental Illness translate love and lust into intimate disorder. How we hear our own need and the way it sounds to others proves, in this addictive collection, an imperfect but utterly captivating conversation. Trade paperback, e-book, and audiobook.

SUSPENDED HEART: STORIES, Collector's  Edition with Bonus Stories​

In an explosion of love's metaphors, Fowler's debut collection of stories, SUSPENDED HEART, released as a Collector’s edition in 2019, takes on American fabulism with a cast of unexpected heroines in the narratives of life and loss-women whose hearts fall out at public malls, women whose bodies bloom with changing seasons, women who sprout blades or have multiple eyes, sleep as snakes, or birth saints like lapis lazuli babies. Where there is struggle and sadness, there is also humor: Fowler's fictive voice has been compared to both Franz Kafka and Donald Barthelme. There's a fearlessness to this prose, a melody of life and magic and loss. Selected stories in this volume have been published online and in Australia.  Trade paperback, e-book, and audiobook.



A rollicking ride of a magical realist, coming-of-age story that explores sex and gender in ways that will have you laughing out loud. Be prepared to travel light with a somewhat murderous female protagonist en route across the country - where it's so hard to be a strong, violent, little ape girl - looking in all the wrong places for forever kinds of love. Trade paperback, e-book, and audiobook.


Hailed as "magic realism at its finest," Fowler's stories reveal the small but essential truths that motivate sex, love, and tragedy in relationships. Previously compared to Franz Kafka, Shirley Jackson, and the love child of Joyce Carol Oates and Angela Carter, Fowler's voice flips in tone and cadence in ways that delight her readers. Whether in museums of solitude, airports of dreams, archers' fields, freak shows, urban cafes, or the cottages of dwarves, her stories explore love's inevitable consequences. Fowler's unique visions are thought-provoking, with a touch of feminist sensibility, and shot through with quirky and laugh-out-loud humor. Trade paperback and e-book.

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